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Magic for everyone


Your Magic is all about handmade jewelry with natural, energetic, and beautiful stones.
Our mission is to bring a little magic to the life of a wonderfully unique woman.
The main idea of our products from natural stones is to support and improve the life of owners since such stones have special strength and energy. Emphasize your personality with our fairy products!

Sofiia Kononova


Only Unique

Stones with magical, healing and metaphysical benefits

The main idea and mission of the company is to bring special energy and magic to the world of women. We create with our own hands earrings with unique stones that have magical, healing and metaphysical properties

Handcrafted with love

We create unique earrings based on feeling, love, grace composition, modern design and special combination of materials.

We are glad to present to you – jewelry with rare and simply beautiful stones, made only by hand. Quite often, these products exist in a single copy.

In addition to the unique design and made by hand, the stones that we use have individual energy, allow people to draw strength, protect themselves from negativity and even cope with some diseases.

In all created products we put not only our talent, but also a part of the soul.