Lines of Nature

Do you want a piece of jewelry that is not only stunning, but also has a story behind it?

The Lines of Nature dangles earrings are just that. These earrings are handmade with natural agate stones from Brazil and zinc alloy metal. The blue color of the stones is captivating and is sure to get you compliments.

Not only are these earrings beautiful, but they are also beneficial to your health. Agate is known to stabilize one’s aura, eliminate and transform negative energy, and aid in centering and stabilizing the body. It is also said to improve mental function, increase stamina, and enhance truth, understanding, and perception.

These earrings are easy to put on and take off. Simply pull the lever back and insert the earring into your ear. The lever will then snap back into place, holding the earring securely in place.

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Do you want a piece of jewelry that is not only stylish but also has a meaning?

Look no further than the Lines of Nature dangles earrings! These earrings feature natural agate stones that are said to promote strength and courage. The stones are a beautiful blue color and are set in zinc alloy with a silvering finish. The earrings are handmade in Belgium and make a great gift for someone special.

Features & Benefits:

– Natural agate stones: The stones are said to promote strength and courage. They are also a beautiful blue color.

– Zinc alloy setting: The zinc alloy setting is durable and gives the earrings a silvering finish.

– Handmade in Belgium: These earrings are handmade with care in Belgium.

How it works:

To put on the earrings, simply hook the earring through your earlobe. The natural agate stones will dangle down and look beautiful.

Customer reviews:

“I bought these earrings for my sister and she loves them! The natural agate stones are beautiful and she says they make her feel strong and courageous.”

“These earrings are so pretty and well-made. I love that they are handmade in Belgium.”

“I gave these earrings to my best friend as a gift and she loved them. The stones are beautiful and the earrings are very well-made.”